Headteacher’s Message

Kasim Langmead

Welcome to Heather Bridge School. We believe that every young person wants to do well - and can do well - given the right environment, support, relationships and curriculum.

We feel excited to have our school in one of the most beautiful and inspiring locations in the UK – in the heart of Dartmoor – and for all of the opportunities that this provides. Our students benefit from an approach which is therapeutic, adventurous, immersed in nature and appropriately challenging – providing our young people with the foundations to thrive as individuals, students and valued members of the local and wider community.

The curriculum consists of rich, experiential and practical learning experiences organised into enterprise projects which enable students to follow their interests and discover new passions.

This allows students – irrespective of their starting points – to set and reach ambitious aspirations.

But we acknowledge, understand and appreciate that this isn’t always an easy or straight-forward path. As a parent to two neurodiverse children, I am familiar with the challenges and anxieties that some students can face. Many of our young people will have experienced – and continue to experience – barriers, frustrations and lack of engagement with education. Our commitment is to provide a safe space in which young people can positively respond to failure and celebrate success – growing in confidence and developing a love for learning.

Working alongside parents and carers, we champion our young people and help them to be their best selves.